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About the Department


  To meet the needs of the economic construction of the nation and industry development, we foster professional managerial personnel.  In addition to providing students with a broad global vision and cultural quality, we also enhance their capabilities of engineering management analysis and improvement as well as information technology, in order to become middle/high level talents with both theory and practice as the industry needs.  The main areas of development of the department include: high value-added manaufacturing management, human factors service industry management and enterprises integration information management.


  We focus on the practice of education, researches and cooperation between industry and school.  In education, we integrate professional knowledge of industrial engineering and management into core skills that current industry and commerce needs in course planning to combine enterprise resources for practice education. 


   The main concern of the courses is to have overall and optimal design, structure, improvement, restructure and integration of manpower, materials and supplies, finance, equipment and information, in order to fully exert efficiency, use resources effectively, and improve the productivity of manufacturing and service industries.


  In research and development, the empirically-oriented researches are the goal, with equal emphasis on theoretical development and empirical researches to help industry upgrade, as well as to create the images and values of industrial engineering and management study. We created the four-win model of cooperation of R&D between industry and school for industry, government, school, and researches to encourage teachers to engage in researches via cooperation between industry and our school and become engaged in industry and school research and service via interchanges between industry and our school.






Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

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E-Mail: juny@mail.mcut.edu.tw


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