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My experience of studying abroad--TAM

update date : 2023-09-01


Hello everyone! My name is Tam, and I'm from Vietnam. I would like to express my feelings when I have a chance to study abroad in Taiwan and become a member of the IEM  family at MCUT. It is a memorable milestone in my life. Here, I can learn and research to enhance my specialized knowledge, experience Taiwanese culture, as well as connect to many valuable friends from other countries. From the early days, I received much enthusiastic support from professors, staff, and friendly Taiwanese students at MCUT, which made a good impression on me. Professors never hesitate to teach and guide me on how to deal with the difficulties I have encountered during my study time here. They inspire me a lot and facilitate for me to pursue my passion. Therefore, I always keep trying hard day by day to come closer to my goal. The MCUT also provides good facilities for studying, researching, living, and playing sports as well. Moreover, I was so attracted by many field trips organized by professors, and the dormitory for international students. Both of them help me a lot in knowing more about Taiwanese culture and connecting all students together. I would like to say thank you to IEM and MCUT for treating me warmly and for unforgettable memories during the past 2 years.

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