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Undergraduate students must take 146 credits from courses in the following table. The minimum credit requirement includes 126 credits from bachelor degree, 16 credits from part-time practical training, and 2 credits from self-study English courses.

The research domains to be covered will include:

․    High-tech and value-added manufacturing & service

․    Applied Information

․    Ergonomics.

The courses related to each domain are well organized and the faculties are both accessible to students and passionate about their research. A clear study roadmap provides guidelines to help most students find their career interest.

Courses Credits/Hours Required/Elective
Calculus 3/3 Required
Economics 3/3 Required
Introduction to Computer System (Including Practice) 3/6 Required
Computer Programming (Including Practice) 3/4 Required
Introduction to Industrial Engineering and Management 3/3 Required
Linear Algebra 3/3 Required
Statistics (I) 3/3 Required
Accounting 3/3 Required
Work Study (Including Practice) 3/5 Required
Database Management (Including Practice) 3/4 Required
Introduction to Business Process 3/3 Elective
Organization and Management 3/3 Elective
Cost Accounting 3/3 Elective
Courses Credits/Hours Required/Elective
Operations Research (I) 3/4 Required
Statistics(II) 3/4 Required
Production Management (Including Practice) 3/5 Required
Engineering Economics 3/3 Required
Human Factor Engineering (Including Practice) 3/4 Required
Introduction toIndustry 3/3 Required
Quality Management (Including Practice) 3/5 Required
Facilities Planning 3/3 Required
Financial Management 3/3 Elective
System Analysis and Design 3/3 Elective
.NET Programming 3/3 Elective
Creative Problem Solving 3/3 Elective
Operations Research (II) 3/3 Elective
Enterprise Resources Planning(I) 3/3 Elective
Human Resources Management 3/3 Elective
Human-machine Interfaces 3/3 Elective
Mobile Service Application System 3/3 Elective
Courses Credits/Hours Required/Elective
Special Projects 1 / 2 Required
Web Programming 3/3 Elective
Data Analysis 3/3 Elective
Engineering Controls and Interventions 3/3 Elective
Project Management 3/3 Elective
Industrial Engineering Practice 3/3 Elective
Technical Writing 3/3 Elective
Courses Credits/Hours Required/Elective
Special Projects 1 / 2 Required
Engineering Ethics and Professional Topics 1 / 3 Required
Enterprise Resources Planning(II) 3/3 Elective
System Simulation 3/3 Elective
Supply Chain Management 3/3 Elective
Six Sigma Management 3/3 Elective
Service Management 3/3 Elective
Introduction to RFID 3/3 Elective
Introduction to Business Intelligence 3/3 Elective
Ergonomics for Living 3/3 Elective
Industrial Psychology 3/3 Elective
Neural Networks and its Applications 3/3 Elective
M-Commerce 3/3 Elective
Service Science 3/3 Elective
Management Case Study 3/3 Elective
Customer Relationship Management 3/3 Elective
Decision Analysis 3/3 Elective
Analysis of Working Environment 3/3 Elective
Work Analysis and Design 3/3 Elective