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About the Department


  With increased talent demand of the government and industries, we engage on teaching and personnel training of the IEM major In addition to providing students with global vision and humanity accomplishment, we also enhance their capabilities of engineering management, continuous improvement as well as information technology. The goal is to foster students to be middle/high level talents throughout both the training of theories and applications. 


  Practice education, research and university-industry cooperation (UIC) are our features and advantages. In practice education, we integrate professional knowledge of IEM into core skills that is needed for industries. Our courses are well designed and are well thought out and provide in depth knowledge of the subjects in IEM. With the training on integrating the elements of manpower, materials, finance, equipment and information technology, our students looked forward to being multi-skill fresh graduates.


  In research, the IEM department gives an excellent up-to-date introduction to three domains covering high-tech and value-added manufacturing service, applied information and ergonomics.


  The empirically-oriented research is the goal, with equally emphasis on theoretical development and empirical research, which is an acceptable way make good use of IEM to investigate industrial upgrading. help industry upgrade to make good use of IE&M.  


  In UIC, we create the win-win model of RD cooperation between faculties and enterprise managers. This policy encourages our faculties to solve practical problems which may relation with fundamental or advanced researches. Furthermore, each student is required to take part in a one year internship.

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